Python training classes in Tirupur

We conduct Python Training Classes in Tirupur. Python, a programming language is the most popular and much-needed language to be learned nowadays for a better future in information technology. In this regard, our myskill academy conducts the python training classes at its best. In this python training classes, we train the following topics. The Topics are in the Python Training Classes in Tirupur are the following: a. Introduction to Python. b. Programming Construct. c. Datatypes and Variables. d. Operators. e. Statements. f. Condition statements. g. Looping statements. h. Ternary Operators. i. Array j. Data Structures. k. List, Tuple, Dictionary, Set. l. GUI Elements. m. Event Handlers. n. Database with MySql. o. Exceptions. p. Networking. The duration of this python training class is 70 Hrs. Fees are 7500/-. This training includes…
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