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Current Affairs - Important day of remembrance

January first week Road safety week
January 9 Foreign settled Indian's day
January 11 World laughter's day
January 12 National young day (Swami Vivekananda's birthday )
January 15 Army day. Click for more
January 23 National Patriotic day
January 25 National tourism day. National voter's day.
January 26 National republic day World custom's day
January 30 Martyr's day ( Mahatma Gandhi death anniversary )
January 30 Leprosy day
February 2 World wetland day
February 4 World cancer day
February 9 National Population
February 13 World radio day
February 20 World social justice day
February 21 World Mother Tongue day
February 28 National Science day
March 3 World wild animals day
March 4 World safety day
March 7 World welfare day
March 8 International Women's day
March 15 World disabled day, world consumers day
March 20 International Happy day, world sparrow day
March 21 Equal time of day and night
March 21 World forest day
March 22 World water day
March 23 World weather day
March 24 World Tuberculosis day
March 28 National ship day
April 2 International children's book day
April 18 World culture day
April 22 Earth day
April 23 World Book and Copyright day
April 25 World Malaria day
May 1st week Malaria Prevent week
May 2nd Sunday Mother's day
May 1 International workers day
May 3 Press freedom day
May 8 World Red Cross society day
May 11 International technology day
May 12 International nurses day
May 15 International family day
May 17 World telecommunications day
May 21 Terrorism eradication day
May 22 Biodiversity day
May 24 Common Wealth day
May 31 Tobacco eradication day
June 5 World Environment day
June 8 World tourism day
June 8 World sea day
June 12 Anti-Child Labor day
June 14 World blood donation day
June 20 World Refugees day
June 21 Day time is more on south pole
June 26 UN General Assembly day
June 26 Drugs eradication day
July 1 World Doctors day
July 11 World population day
July 15 Educational day
July 18 Nelson Mandela day
July 29 International tigers day
August 3 International friendship day
August 6 Hiroshima day
August 9 Nagasaki day
August 9 Americans quit day
August 12 Dr. Vikram sarabhai anniversary day
August 12 World elephants day, international young day
August 15 Independence day
August 29 National game day
September 1st week Healthy food week
September 5 Teachers day (Dr. Radhakrishna birthday)
September 8 National literate day, eye donate day
September 11 National educational day
September 14 Hindi day, world first aid day
September 15 International republic day
September 16 World ozone day
September 21 International silent day
September 23 Equal time for day & night
September 24 World deaf day
September 27 World tourism day
September 29 World heart day
September 30 World Marine day
October 1st week Desert week
October 1 World old people day, blood donation day
October 2 Gandhi Jayanthi
October 3 World nature day, world residence day
October 4 World wild animals day
October 5 World teachers day
October 5 International natural degradation prevent day
October 9 World post day
October 10 International post day
October 15 World hand wash day, world blind day
October 16 World food day
October 17 International Poverty alleviation day
October 24 U.N Day
October 30 World saving day
November 1st week International science and silence week
November 10 International science day
November 14 Children's day
November 19 National unity day
November 20 International children's (baby) day
November 21 World television day
November 22 Night time ling on north pole
November 26 Indian rules day, national milk day
December 1 AIDS day (First AIDS death )
December 2 World technology day, National Anti-Pollution day
December 4 NAVY Day
December 7 Flag day
December 9 World Anti-Corruption day
December 10 Human Rights day, Noble Prize Given day
December 11 International Mountains day
December 14 National Power Safety Day
December 20 International Human Unity Day
December 23 Farmer's Day
December 24 National Customs Day