Mailmerge in Word

Mailmerge in Word

Mailmerge in Word is a feature that incorporates data Word and allows you to create multiple documents at once, such as letters; it helps you to save the time and effort of typing the same letter over and over.

1. In the Microsoft Document Click on the MAILINGS tab, Click START MAIL MERGE

2. Click Step By Step Mail Merge Wizard.

3. Select the type of the document,
There are 6 steps to complete the process in the Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard.
For example, we are selecting the LETTERS in the below picture
By selecting letters you can personalize the letters that each person receives.

For the next step click the Next: Starting Document
4. 2nd Step: Starting the document, we are selecting Use the current document.

Note: if you have already written the letter then you have to select Start from the Existing document and then it will change into the current document.
Next, select the next step.
5. Step: 3
In this step we are selecting the Type new List, you can the name and address of the company to which you are sending the letters.
Note: if you already have the name and address of the company, you have to select Use an existing list.

If you chose to use an existing list, you have to select the browse and search for the saved document and attach.

6. Step 4: To write the new list, you have to select create and start writing the name and address in the given columns.

7. You can also customize the list of addresses and names. You can add, delete and rename the list….

You can select the wanted list of the company and start to write the letter.

Step 4: Select the next step: write the letter.

8. In Insert Address Block, select options on the left until the address appears in the way you want it. Select ok after getting the way of the list you needed.

9. The next step is the greeting line it is used to greet the person you are sending the letter to you can add the way of greeting a person in this dialog box.

By selecting Match fields, you can associate the fields from the list.

After selecting the greeting line and address block Note that both works have << >> before and after the words.
Step 5: After the process on this next step is to preview the letter.

You can and preview the letter in this step.
By selecting the edit recipient you can add and remove the list of names and addresses.

Step 6: Complete the Merge

You can print the letter by selecting print, using the printer.
You can also edit the letters individually by selecting edit individually.

These are the six steps of Mailmerge in Word

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