• The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy recently launched the AP Seva Portal 2.0. The portal will offer better services to the citizens. The portal is also called Citizen Service portal.

• The portal will offer digital services to citizens in a transparent manner. The portal will help the public track their application without any hassle. The updates of the applications are provided through SMS as well.

• The portal offers thirty services. This include six services of civil supplies, 25 services of municipal administration, 30 services of revenue and land administration, three services of rural development and other 53 services of energy departments.

• The 2.0 version allows online approval of applications. Also, the portal allows officials to provide certificates and documents online. The portal allows the use of digital signature.

• About 90% of the government services offered have been brought under the portal. • Gateways have been included to access paid services.

• Currently more than four lakh people are a part of this mechanism. They offer 540 services to the people directly. As of January 2020, 3.46 crores government services were offered to the public.


  • The portal will help to increase transparency in administration.
  • It reduces corruption.
  • It increases the government management efficiency.
  • It empowers the citizens through access to information.
  • It increases government interaction with industry and business.
  • It makes the services simple, moral, accountable, responsive and transparent.
  • It increases all four kinds of interactions namely government to citizens, government to citizens, government to business and government to employees