Important day of remembrance

Important Dates of the year

This is a monthly list of important national and international dates for RRB NTPC, Group D, SSC CGL, CHSL, PSC, National Examinations, and other proficiency exams. Two-three questions from important dates are usually visible in all competition / government exams. This list not only outlines the important days of the year, but also promotes general knowledge and helps prepare for future selection tests. Take a look at the monthly list of important days and dates.

January (m/d/yyyy)
1/9/2022 Foreign settled Indian's day
1/10/2022World Hindi Day
1/11/2022 World laughter's day
1/12/2022 National young day (Swami Vivekananda's birthday )
1/15/2022 Army day.
1/23/2022 National Patriotic day
1/25/2022 National tourism day. National voter's day.
1/26/2022 National republic day World custom's day
1/30/2022 Martyr's day ( Mahatma Gandhi death anniversary )
1/30/2022 Leprosy day
February (m/d/yyyy)
2/2/2022 World wetland day
2/4/2022 World cancer day
2/9/2022 National Population Day
2/13/2022 World radio day
2/20/2022 World social justice day
2/21/2022 World Mother Tongue day
2/28/2022 National Science day
March (m/d/yyyy)
3/3/2022 World wild animals day
3/4/2022 World safety day
3/7/2022 World welfare day
3/8/2022 International Women's day
3/15/2022 World disabled day, world consumers day
3/20/2022 International Happy day, world sparrow day
3/21/2022 Equal time of day and night
3/21/2022 World forest day
3/22/2022 World water day
3/23/2022 World weather day
3/24/2022 World Tuberculosis day
3/28/2022 National ship day
April (m/d/yyyy)

4/2/2022 International children's book day
4/18/2022 World culture day
4/22/2022 Earth day
4/23/2022 World Book and Copyright day
4/25/2022 World Malaria day
May (m/d/yyyy)
May 1st week
Malaria Prevent week
May Second Sunday Mother's day
5/1/2022 International workers day
5/3/2022 Press freedom day
5/8/2022 World Red Cross society day
5/11/2022 International technology day
5/12/2022 International nurses day
5/15/2022 International family day
5/17/2022 World telecommunications day
5/21/2022 Terrorism eradication day
5/22/2022 Biodiversity day
5/24/2022 Common Wealth day
5/31/2022 Tobacco eradication day
June  (m/d/yyyy)
6/5/2022 World Environment day
6/8/2022 World tourism day
6/8/2022 World sea day
6/12/2022 Anti-Child Labor day
6/14/2022 World blood donation day
6/20/2022 World Refugees day
6/21/2022 Day time is more on south pole
6/26/2022 UN General Assembly day
6/26/2022 Drugs eradication day
July  (m/d/yyyy)

7/1/2022 World Doctors day
7/11/2022 World population day
7/15/2022 Educational day
7/18/2022 Nelson Mandela day
7/29/2022 International tigers day
August  (m/d/yyyy)

8/3/2022 International friendship day
8/6/2022 Hiroshima day
8/9/2022 Nagasaki day
8/9/2022 Americans quit day
8/12/2022 Dr. Vikram sarabhai anniversary day
8/12/2022 World elephants day, international young day
8/15/2022 Independence day
8/29/2022 National game day
September  (m/d/yyyy)

September First Week Healthy food week
9/5/2022 Teachers day (Dr. Radhakrishna birthday)
9/8/2022 National literate day, eye donate day
9/11/2022 National educational day
9/14/2022 Hindi day, world first aid day
9/15/2022 International republic day
9/16/2022 World ozone day
9/21/2022 International silent day
9/23/2022 Equal time for day & night
9/24/2022 World deaf day
9/27/2022 World tourism day
9/29/2022 World heart day
9/30/2022 World Marine day
October  (m/d/yyyy)

October First Week Desert week
10/1/2022 World old people day, blood donation day
10/2/2022 Gandhi Jayanthi
10/3/2022 World nature day, world residence day
10/4/2022 World wild animals day
10/5/2022 World teachers day
10/5/2022 International natural degradation prevent day
10/9/2022 World post day
10/10/2022 International post day
10/15/2022 World hand wash day, world blind day
10/16/2022 World food day
10/17/2022 International Poverty alleviation day
10/24/2022 U.N Day
10/30/2022 World saving day
November  (m/d/yyyy)

November First Week International science and silence week
11/10/2022 International science day
11/14/2022 Children's day
11/19/2022 National unity day
11/20/2022 International children's (baby) day
11/21/2022 World television day
11/22/2022 Night time ling on north pole
11/26/2022 Indian rules day, national milk day
December (m/d/yyyy)

12/1/2022 AIDS day (First AIDS death )
12/2/2022 World technology day, National Anti-Pollution day
12/4/2022 NAVY Day
12/7/2022 Flag day
12/9/2022 World Anti-Corruption day
12/10/2022 Human Rights day, Noble Prize Given day
12/11/2022 International Mountains day
12/14/2022 National Power Safety Day
12/20/2022 International Human Unity Day
12/23/2022 Farmer's Day
12/24/2022 National Customs Day