India’s first indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant

India’s first indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant

India's first home-made aircraft carrier INS Vikrant will operate the Russian-origin MiG-29K

It is a big step in the growth of India’s naval capabilities and will improve our strategic heft in the Indian Ocean Region. India has joined a select club of nations like the US and China with indigenous aircraft carrier building capacity.

The largest ship ever made in India, INS Vikrant's main arsenal will be the Russian-origin MiG-29K, a naval version of the MiG-29 jet that has been serving with the Indian Air Force for decades.

The MiG-29K is an all-weather fighter with a maximum speed over twice the speed of sound.

It can pull up to eight times the force of gravity, and climb to an altitude of over 65,000 feet.

It can engage targets in the air, at sea or on land. With its air-to-air refueling capability, the MiG-29K can fly a long range to carry out critical missions.

The MiG-29K squadron has been christened "INAS 303" and is popularly referred to as the "Black Panthers". It is based in INS Hansa, Goa.

The MiG-29K...carries enough punch to undertake air dominance and power projection missions simultaneously, bestowing the Commander at sea, great flexibility.

 More about INS Vikrant:

The indigenous aircraft carrier is named after her illustrious predecessor, India's first aircraft carrier which had played a vital role in the 1971 war.

Vikrant has a top speed of around 28 knots and a cruising speed of 18 knots with an endurance of about 7,500 nautical miles. The aircraft carrier is 262 meters long, 62 meters wide and has a height of 59 meters. Its keel was laid in 2009.

INS Vikrant, built at a cost of around Rs 20,000 crore, successfully completed its fourth and final phase of the sea trials last month. With the construction of 'Vikrant', India has joined a select group of nations having the niche capability to indigenously design and build an aircraft carrier.

Designed by Warship Design Bureau and built by Cochin Shipyard Limited under MOPSW 262 meter long carrier with a full displacement close to 43,000 tones Length of Electrical cables approximately 2500 kilometers.

The ship has over 2,300 compartments, designed for a crew of around 1,700 people, including specialized cabins to accommodate women officers.

IAC Vikrant will be a force multiplier and strengthen the Indian Navy's offensive and defensive capabilities.

The carrier is equipped with state-of-the-art features.

Long distance tactical air power of IAC Vikrant enhances India's position as the preferred security partner and first responder in the Indian Ocean Region.

IAC Vikrant propels India into a select league of nations with niche capability to design and build aircraft carriers.

With the commissioning of INS Vikrant, India now has two operational aircraft carriers bolstering the maritime security of the nation.