The Operation Sadbhawana was launched by the Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir. The main aim of the project was to help people affected by terrorism in the region.

The operations mainly targets to address the aspirations of the people. The project mainly aims to integrate the locals into the national mainstream.

It works to reduce the proxy wars fought by Pakistan in the region. Proxy wars are conflicts fought by the terrorist groups on behalf of the government.

Pakistan government pays money and supplies ammunitions to the terrorist groups to fight such wars in the Kashmir region. It mainly focuses on five areas.

They are infrastructure development, education, community development projects, women and youth empowerment, health and sanitation. The project will neutralise the anti India propaganda sponsored by Pakistan in Kashmir. So far, the Indian army has established 46 goodwill schools under the operation.

1900 schools were renovated. Indian Army has helped in infrastructural development, renovation and modification. All these schools now operate under the Jammu and Kashmir State Educational board.

This also includes two boarding schools namely Pahalgam and Rajouri. They are affiliated to CBSE. Skill development trainings were provided.

This includes training in knitting, operating the computers, candle making, tailoring, bag making, basket weaving, fashion designing, horticulture. Youth Guidance employment nodes were created.