SpaceX rocket part collides with the moon in early March

SpaceX rocket part collides with the moon in early March

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket was launched in 2015 from Cape Canaveral, Florida to put NASA's Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) in orbit. Since then, a second stage of about 4 tons of rockets or boosters has floated in space. Debris from the SpaceX rocket reaches the moon many years before astronauts will return to the surface of the moon.

Elon Musk's SpaceX was chosen by NASA to provide a spacecraft that returns astronauts to the surface of the moon. But the mission is still years away. When does the crash occur? The rocket is scheduled to collide with the moon on March 4, 2022.

According to astronomer Bill Gray, there remains uncertainty about the exact time and place of the collision, but the collision is imminent. Gray is the developer of Project Pluto, a suite of astronomical software for calculating the orbits of asteroids and comets. Gray showed that it's far sure that it's far going to hit, and it's going to hit inside a couple of minutes of while it turned into anticipated and possibly inside some kilometers. The probable crash web page is anticipated to be the a ways aspect of the Moon, close to the lunar equator.

Reason for rocket been floating in space

The rocket turned into too a ways after finishing its venture of deploying the satellite tv for pc on the Lagrange point, 4 instances farther than the Moon, therefore it did now no longer have sufficient gasoline to go back to the Earth.

It additionally did now no longer have sufficient strength to break out the gravity of the Earth-Moon system. Therefore, the rocket has been hurtling via space, trapped in a chaotic orbit, for seven years. The rocket particles made a near flyby to the Moon on January 5, 2022, which similarly altered its orbit. It is now anticipated to crash into the Lunar floor in March.

Consequences of the collision

Experts say the drop of a 4-ton rocket to the surface of the Moon is unlikely to be a "big deal". However, the impact that will push matter out into the ground will provide valuable data for scientists to study in the future.

This would be the first known case of a man-made object accidentally hitting a natural satellite of the Earth. However, this is not the first time a man-made object has landed on the lunar surface as a number of past missions have crashed there, including ISRO's Chandrayaan 2 lander.

Is the crash visible from Earth?

The collision would have happened on the far side of the Moon so it wouldn't be visible from Earth. Although the collision occurred on the near side of the Moon, it will not be visible as it will take place just a few days after the New Moon.