Vision India @ 2047


The Government of India is to conclude the 2047 plan by May 2022. The plan is being enclosed by a Sectored Group of Secretaries In which the sectaries are from ten different sectors. They will draw a plan that will start by this decade.

The aim of the vision is to create an action plan. Under the plan, a road map will be created for each sector. The execution of the plan is to begin this decade.

Principle of the vision The vision follows “Whole of country” or “Whole of Government” approach. The plan will build expertise within the government. It will leverage international capital It will involve international expertise It will involve experts from different fields to draw a “Future India” template Priorities

The plan is to provide priority to the following:

  • To develop new age agriculture
  • Future – ready cities
  • To create an ecosystem that will facilitate emergence of Indian global champions
  • To leverage growing soft power of the country

About the plan:

The plan will benefit the 100th year of Indian independence. It will have targets that are to be completed in 25 years. It will first free up foreign defense acquisitions that are made by India. It will make India self reliant. It is to restructure the public sector banks. The plan is looking to merge three to four big banks.

It aims to develop semi – conductor complexes. The government processes are to be re – engineered. It will eliminate the unnecessary interference made by the government on the lives of the citizens. On the science and technology side, the plan is to build ten labs.

The plan is to turn India in to a skill capital. It is develop at least ten Indian Institutions and bring them among the top hundred in the world. The SGoS has been asked to perform a gap analysis in government and private sector. The plan will mainly focus on ten sectors The plan will focus on agriculture, urban landscape, infrastructure, defense, science and technology, governance, banking, oil and gas, etc.