The purpose of studying CSSdesigning language is to understand how to develop a formal emphasizing the HTML elements in an procedural way using CSS Concept .

In this course we train the students in an procedural way of programming make them a formal web developer .


Students with their academic qualification from 11th on wards are eligible to learn this course.

Target Audiences :-

12th Mpcc - Maths, Physics, Science , Computer Science.
12th ACEC- Accounts, Commerce, Economics, Computer Science.
BCA - Bachelor of Computer Application.
B.Sc -CS Bachelor of Science. Computer Science.
MCA - Master of Computer Application.
M.Sc - CS Master of Science.
B.E - All Branches.
M.E - All Branches.

CSS - Cascading Style Sheet Syllabus

Overview of CSS

Creating and Using a Simple External CSS File
Using the Internal and Inline CSS Styles
Working with the querySelector() Method
Working with the querySelectorAll() Method
Working with @import Rule

Backgrounds and Color Gradients in CSS

Setting the Background Color
Setting the Background Image
Fixing and Scrolling a Background Image
Setting Multiple Background Image
Using the background-clip and background-origin Properties
Using Color Properties
Using Gradient Properties .

Fonts and Text Styles

Working with Font Famillies
Using Absolute Values
Using Relative Values
Using Percentage Values
Working with the Font-Size-Adjust Property
Working with the Font-Style Property
Working with Web Fonts
Using the text-transform Property
Using the text-indent property
Using the text-decoration Property
Using the text-shadow Property
Using the text-stroke Property
Wrapping Text

Creating Boxes and Columns Using CSS

Working with Padding
Working with Border-Properties
Working with Margin
Working with Rounded Corners
Creating Border with Images and Shadows
Working with Columns
Creating Floated Boxes
Setting Box Dimensions

Displaying , Positioning and Floating an Element

Working with the display Property
Working with the Visibility Property
Hiding an Element
Setting Fixed Position of an Element
Setting Relative Position of an Element
Overlapping of Elements
Floating an Element to the Right
Floating an Element to the Left
Turning-Off Float

List Styles

Using the list-style-type Property
Using the list-style-image Property
Using the list-style-position Property
Using the list-style shorhand Property
Creating Horizontal Lists

Table Layouts

Setting the Auto Table Layout
Specifying a Table Caption
Displaying Border around Cells
Specifying Border Spacing
Specifying Border around Empty Cells
Displaying Images in a Table
Applying Rounded Corners on Table Cells.

Pseudo-Classes and Pseudo-Elements

Using Dynamic Pseudo-Classes
Using the Target Pseudo-Classes
Using the Language Pseudo-Classes
Using the UI Element States Pseudo-Classes
Using the Structural Pseudo-Classes
Using the Negation Pseudo-Classes
Using the ::first-line Pseudo-Element
Using the ::first-letter Pseudo-Element
Using the ::before Pseudo-Element
Using the ::after Pseudo-Element

Effects,Frames,and Controls in CSS

Changing Image Transparency with Mouse Events
Writing Text in a Transparent Box
Applying the Transformation Effects
Applying the Transition Effects
Applying the Animation Effects
Creating Frames
Changing the Appearance of Buttons
Changing the Appearance of Vertical menus
Changing the Appearance of Horizontal menus
Changing the Appearance of Scroll Bars.

CSS Advanced Feature

Using the contentEditable Attribute
Implementing the Spell Check Attribute
Implementing Session Storage
Implementing Local Storage
Implementing Database Storage
Implementing the Drag and Drop feature
Implementing the Geolocation feature
Implementing Web Worker
Implementing Notifications
Creating 2D Graphics
Implementing Modernizr.


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Myself Vishnu priya college student cum amature web developer . Learned the complete CSS package by the expert trainer . It is very much helpful for me impleting it on my current ongoing web development process.


Basically i was a Engineering Gradute done this Complete CSS package as a part of web development course. It is very helpful for me on the web development process so for.

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