The aspirant students whom to having the passion becoming an programmer , here is a best course to get the programming knowledge from basic level ie scratch . In this course includes java programming concept, Data collection, Flow Chart, Algorithms, Pseudo Code, Statements, Input/Output , Arrays, File handling, Exceptions are to be covered.

At the end of the Python advanced course completion , the aspirant student definitely attain the complete advanced level of programming knowledge without any deviation. We will sure about it and gives the assurance.


Students with their academic qualification from 8th on wards are eligible to learn this course, who are already completing their initial level of Java Programming.

Target Audiences :-

12th Mpcc - Maths, Physics, Science , Computer Science.
12th ACEC- Accounts, Commerce, Economics, Computer Science.
BCA - Bachelor of Computer Application.
B.Sc -CS Bachelor of Science. Computer Science.
MCA - Master of Computer Application.
M.Sc - CS Master of Science.
B.E- All Branches
M.E-All Branches

Complete Python Syllabus

Introduction to Python

IDLE-An Interpreter for Python
Python Strings
Relational Operators
Logical Operators
Bitwise Operators
Variables and Assignment Statements
Assignment Statement
Shorthand Notation
Script Mode


input Function
Eval Function
Print Function
Type Function
Round Function
Type conversion
Min and max Functions
Pow Function
Random Number Generation
Functions from h Module
Complete List of Built-in-Functions

Function continues

Function Definition and call
Fruitful Functions vs Void Functions
Function help
Default Parameter Values
Keyword Arguments
Importing User-defined Module
Assert Statements
Command Line Arguments

Control Structures

If Conditional Statement
General Form of if Conditional Statement
Conditional Expression
General Form of if-else Conditional Statement
General Form of if-else-if-else Conditional Statement
Nested if-else-if else Conditional Statement

Control Structures Continues

Iteration (for and while Statement)
for Loop
General format of for Statement
while Loop
General Format of while statement
Infinite Loops
while Statement vs. for statement
Example: To Print Some Pictures
Nested Loops
break, continue, and pass Statements
To Print Some Picture
else Statement


An Example: Finding Maximum of Three Numbers


Objects and Object ids
Scope of Object and Names

Strings in Python

Built – in Functions on Strings
Function Count
Function find and rfind
Functions capitalize, title, lower, upper, and swap case
Function is lower, is upper, and is title
Function replace
Functions strip, istrip,and rstrip
Function split and partition
Function join
Function is space, is alpha, is digit, and is alum
Function starts with and ends with
Function encode and decode
List of Functions
String Processing Examples
Counting the Number of Matching characters in a pair of strings
Counting the Number of Common character's in a pair of strings
Reversing a String
Pattern Matching
Some Important Definitions

Mutable and immutable Objects

Summary of List Operations
Function list
Function append, extend, count, remove, index, po,and insert
Function insert
Function reverse
Function sort and reverse
List Functions
List Comprehension
List as Arguments
Copying List Objects
map, reduce, and filter Operations on a Sequence
Set Functions add, update, remove, pop, and clear
Set Function union, intersection, difference, and symmetric difference
Function Copy
Subset and Superset Test
List of Functions

Mutable and immutable objects

Set Functions add, update, remove, pop, and clear
Set Function union, intersection, difference, and symmetric difference
Function Copy
Subset and Superset Test
List of Functions
Finding Common Factors
Union and Intersection Operation on Lists
Summary of Tuple Operations
Function tuple and zip
Function count and index
Dictionary Operations
Function get
Function update
Function copy
List of Functions
Inverted Dictionary


Recursive Solution for Problems on Strings
Iterative Approach
Recursive Approach
Fibonacci sequence
Iterative Approach
Recursive Approach
Recursive Solutions for Problems on Strings
Length of a string
Reversing a string
Recursive Solutions for Problems on List
Flatten a List
Deep Copy
Problem of Tower of Hanoi

File Handling

File Handling
Writing Structures to a File
Errors and Exceptions
Handling Exceptions Using try…except
File Processing Example

Classes in Python

Classes and Objects
Person: An Example of Class
Class as Abstract Data Type
Date Class

Classes - II

Operator Overloading
Comparing Dates
Modifier and Accessor Methods
Encapsulation, Data Hiding, and Data Abstraction
Static Method
Adding Methods Dynamically
Single Inheritance
Scope Rule
Extending Scope of int Class Using a User Defined Class
Hierarchical Inheritance
Multiple Inheritance
Abstract Methods
Attribute Resolution Order for Inheritance
Built- in Functions for classes

List Manipulation

Selection Sort
Bubble Sort
Insertion Sort
Linear Search
Binary Search
A case study
Operations for Class Section
Complete Script
More on Sorting
Merge Sort
Quick Sort

Stack and Queues

Stack and Queues
Evaluating Arithmetic Expressions
Conversion of Infix Expression to Postfix expression

Linked Lists

Insertion and Deletion at the Beginning of a Linked List
Deleting a Node with a Particular Value From a Linked List
Traversing a Linked List
Maintaining Sorted Linked List While Inserting
Stack Implementation Using Linked List
Queue Implementation Using Linked List

Binary Search Trees

Definitions and Notations
Binary Search tree
Traversal of Binary Search Trees
In ordered Traversal
Preorder Traversal
Post order Traversal
Height of Binary Tree
Building Binary Search Tree

More on Recursion

Pattern Within a pattern
Generalized Eight Queens Problem
Knight’s Tour Problem
Stable Marriage Problem
Fractal (Hilbert Curve and Sierpinski Triangle
Guidelines on Using Recursion

2D Graphics

Point and Line
Axis, Title, and Label
Plotting Multiple Function
Multiple Plots
Saving Figure
Histogram and pi Chart
Sine and Cosine Curves
Graphical Objects: Circle, Ellipse, Rectangle, Polygon, and Arrow

Applications in Python

Collecting Information from Twitter
Open Authentication
An Example- Collecting User Information
Collecting Followers, Friends, and Tweets of a User
Collecting Tweets Having Specific Word
Sharing Data Using Sockets
Client-Server Communication on the Same Machine – A Simple Example
An Echo Server
Accessing Web Data (Downloading a Pdf File)


Managing Databases Using Structured Query Language (SQL)
Database Concepts
Creating Database and Tables
Inserting Data into Table
Retrieving Data from Table
Updating Data in a Table
Deleting Data From Table/Deleting Table

Applications of Python

Developing Mobile Application for Android
A Simple Application containing Registration Interface
Tic-Tac-Toe Game
Running Kivy Applications on Android
Integrating Java with Python
Accessing Java Collections and Arrays in Python
Converting Python collections to Java Collections
Invoking a Parameterized Java Method from Python
Invoking Parameterized Python Method from Java
Python chat Application Using Kivy and Socked Programming


Developing Website and Webpages in Python using


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