74th Martyrs

74th Martyrsí Day observed on 30 January 2022

Martyrs' Day, also known as Shaheed Diwas or Sarvodaya Day, will be held nationwide on January 30 to pay tribute to all those who have sacrificed their lives to make India an independent country. This day also commemorates the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.

In 1948, this day was the saddest day in the country where Gandhi, known as Bapu, was assassinated by Nathuram Godse during an evening prayer at the Gandhi Memorial Museum in Billa House. Everyone knows that Mahatma Gandhi played an important role in liberating India from British rule. He used a peaceful and non-violent way to gain freedom.

India gained independence in 1947, after which Gandhi promoted national brotherhood and peace. When Mahatma Gandhi died on January 30, the Government of India announced that day would be known as Shaheed Diwas.

How are Shaheed Diwas observed?

On this day, the President, Vice President, Prime Minister and Defense Minister will meet at Mahatma Gandhi's Samadi in the Rajgat Memorial to pay tribute to the Indian Martyrs and Mahatma Gandhi. People observe a two-minute silent prayer to commemorate the Indian Martyrs.

According to the instructions of the central government, a two-minute silent prayer should be held nationwide at 11:00 am to commemorate those who died during the free struggle in India and were solemnly observed.

They can instruct all educational institutions and public sector businesses under their control to keep Martyr's Day, "the Ministry of Interior (MHA) wrote in a letter. There are many school events on this day where students sing patriotic songs and play plays. Martyrs' Day will also take place on March 23, commemorating the sacrifices of Bagat Singh, Shiva Ram Rajiguru and Suhu Deftaper.